Vegan Baker Justyna

Her homemade treats are incredible unique in taste and style

Prepare yourself for homemade delicious desserts – no gluten. no diary. no refined sugar. vegan. paleo


Tell us a bit about Sweet Nothings and your philosophy

We are a vegan company based in the scenic Connemara in Clifden. We produce highly nutritious and extremely delicious vegan plant-based meals.

The philosophy of Sweet Nothings, is not to harm or exploit anything or anyone. We think that our planet has been exploited for way too long and I think our responsibility as human beings is to take a step and right measures to stop that. And to basically make a change.

The astronomical production of highly processed and highly sugary food is crazy these days. And it really scares the crap out of us. That’s why we believe that it is very very important to change our diet habits and introduce foods that are clean healthy and don’t have harmful ingredients that don’t contribute towards our health.

Justyna – photo by Laurence and the machine photography

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When did you decide to start Sweet Nothings

I have been always passionate about food and had still have an extremely sweet tooth. But there was a point in my life where I realised that this is not the best way to go. The amount of people getting diabetes including close family members was just scary.

Then I realised I have to make a change in my diet and started to search and look for alternatives to diary and sugar – The amount of diary we eat – and you know what it’s not that difficult that change is not that difficult to make. It takes only a little bit of work and research and you can make it easily.

We believe that food is information. So basically, when we ingest food, it sends our body a message telling the body how to behave how to feel and how to be. So imagine bad food being digested in your body. Your body gets immediate message saying – oh dangerous zone, cancer department, diabetes department, low self esteem department, loads of diseases department. If you on the other hand get really good food your body gets the immediate message of high level of energy, feeling very positive, feeling very good about yourself, looking good, looking pretty and being happy

That’s how we understand food. I know it might be a bit childish the explanation but I truly believe this is how it works.

We use a lot if unique ingredients in our cooking, which thankfully become less and less unique. You can easily source them in Ireland or in Europe.

Where do you sell your products

We sell our products in a few different shops in Clifden area. Also we have a stall in Galway as one of the biggest markets in Galway or in the county really. You are more than welcome to come down and see us there. Say hi or have a chat with us.

Justyna – photo by Laurence and the machine photography

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