Forage sea veg or catch your fish in the Wild Atlantic and Inland Waters of Ireland

The variety of seafood adventures brings the Irish larder of fish, oysters and seaweed, amongst others, into another perspective.

Look behind the scenes, when visiting traditional sea farms. Discover the secrets of Ireland’s Sea Veg Superfoods and see how oysters, mussels and seaweed are grown. Seafood Adventures from foraging expeditions, culinary foreshore walks, to educational workshops invite you to learn about and to taste the wonderful fresh seafood and local, artisan produce.

Book yourself a spot on a journey to explore a true fishing paradise offering a variety of possibilities from shore to deep sea angling or fresh water fishing.

From the pure Atlantic waters, the unspoiled coastline up to clear lakes and rivers of this ancient land – Start your adventure to explore and taste Ireland’s treasures by sea.

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